Ancient Woodland

Just beyond Denview Road Potterton, there is an extremely important and valuable area of woodland, which has stood there for over 400 years. This woodland has a special designation as Ancient Woodland. It has earned this designation as only 2.4% of the UK land area is covered by Ancient Woodland. It is an irreplaceable resource which must be protected from adverse impacts resulting from new developments.

Though the 2021 Local Development Plan recognises this wood as Ancient Woodland, it makes scant provision for its protection. The housing plan included in the Supporting Transport Note shows houses stretching right up to its boundary. This woodland is home to many vulnerable and threatened species which would be at risk both during construction (eg from chemicals, cement dust and construction waste) and also after construction (eg from garden pesticides, fly tipping, garden waste, trampling of woodland plants, predation of wildlife by pets, vandalism and increased traffic pollution).

At present Denview Road lies only 20m away from this special place. It is irresponsible to build houses any closer. Potterton’s Green Belt must remain in place to protect this irreplaceable Ancient Woodland. We need to be its voice and make sure it has the space it deserves!

If you want to learn more about our irreplaceable Ancient Woodland, please visit the Woodland Trust link below. Lots of interesting facts about what can be found there and their importance! More to follow on this….

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