Ongoing Concerns on Education Provision

In the minutes provided by Belhelvie Community Council for 21st October 2019, under the planning section:

“The BCC highlighted their concerns that ongoing development is having on schools in area.”

Following on 18th November 2019:
“BCC will also report to Elaine Brown that in the initial plans there was a provision of a primary school and this has been removed at the request of Aberdeenshire Council.”
This is in regards to a school at the approved Blackdog development 1 mile from Potterton village.

Earlier in 2018, there was also a reply from I Downie, as shown in the minutes of the 20th August 2018: “Concerned about the issue of primary school provision in the Balmedie Primary School catchment area. With so many major residential developments, and Trump International looking to build 500 new homes, this is an acute problem as the existing school simply cannot continue to be considered capable of accommodating the pupil product.”

The proposed LDP states: “All residential development may be required to contribute towards additional primary school capacity.”

There are constant ongoing concerns from the local community council, which have been noted in their meetings, and yet, the sites in the proposed LDP do not raise the provision of education as a concern in our area.

Our local primary education at Balmedie Primary School is already at capacity and whilst Potterton is based in Aberdeenshire, children are transported to Bridge of Don Academy in Aberdeen City rather than remain within the local authority for secondary education. There is currently no provision made for children within Potterton to be transported to our local authority secondary school at Ellon Academy. Our children here in the village are not on a public service bus route to reach our local authority secondary school. With all this considered as large scale development, how can the local authority adequately support the education of more children within our area?

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