Assessment of Potterton Bid Site FR123

As a follow on from our post on transport – we found the assessment of Potterton bid site FR123 (at the old Wester Hatton tip) very interesting! Strangely it was allocated for hotel/services etc. However, the reasoning for rejecting this site left us a little confused.

1. The proposed site remains undevelopable due to the close proximity and additional traffic it may add to the AWPR, Blackdog and its current designation as a part of the greenbelt.

2. Arguments that it will contribute to forecast traffic growth at this location are not to be taken lightly if the function of the AWPR as a transport corridor, and not a development corridor, is to be delivered.

3. Many of the functions proposed could be allocated at the Blackdog site OP1 (which is not Greenbelt!)

Link below – Potterton is Page 83 see bid site FR123

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