Public Transport Infrastructure Notes

As a follow on to our “public transport infrastructure” (jargon for bus stops) It’s worth noting the following: –

1. The AWPR links to all major business parks in Dyce, Westhill & Altens – Potterton has no direct bus services to these destinations.

2. Potterton’s amenities are centered around Balmedie – we have no direct bus services to Balmedie.

3. The scale of this development (60% increase) WILL result in traffic loading due to lack of public infrastructure (bus services!).

4. The Main Issues Report (on why bid site FR123 the old tip was undevelopable) recognized that additional traffic loading onto the AWPR at this junction was not to be taken lightly.

5. The Main Issues Report on bid site FR123, also identified concerns of forecasted traffic growth and a potential bottleneck to the Blackdog AWPR junction.

To the Point!

Due to our lack of Public Infrastructure (bus services) this WILL result in a huge increase of traffic onto a C class road, increased emissions and cause a bottleneck onto the AWPR Blackdog junction.

Have YOUR voice heard! Your Councillors will be voting on this!

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