“It’s going to happen anyway.”

“They’ll build them no matter what we say.”

“This is already a done deal”

“Why hasn’t there been a public meeting? This has been going on longer than the lockdown.”

“I thought our Green Belt was protected?”

“But developers keep promising us a school?”

“They want Potterton to take it’s fair share of houses.”

“But it’s not going behind my house.”

“The P&J article makes it sound like it’s already been decided on.”

“Potterton was supposed to get a school when the wooden houses were built over forty years ago. Land was reserved for it.”

“But we live in such a beautiful place.”

“We like living here as it is.”

“Why are these sites being considered when previous development plans said they weren’t suitable?! Nothing has changed.”

“But that land is Green Belt?”

“We’ve just experienced the AWPR being built so how can the transport note say that construction traffic will not affect the village?”

“How are they going to justify all these houses?”

“I’m stunned. I had no idea.”


These are regular responses we’re seeing to our posts. There’s widespread confusion as to how this is happening without engagement with our community. The community engagement on OP1 and OP2 and the destruction of the Green Belt surrounding the village has been abysmal.

In my opinion, I would describe the information as “clunky” because it’s difficult to follow why the destruction of Green Belt has been included at all. Especially when other sites which do not have the Green Belt allocation are not being considered.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the information completely inaccessible to many members of the community without access to appropriate technology.

This is not progress if it destroys the environment you chose to live in. We all still have an opportunity to have a voice, whether you are new to the village or are part of the fixtures and fittings. We want to hear your questions. We want to know what concerns you have.

I get irrationally annoyed when I read in planning documents that there’s no “sense of place” and “lack of identity” in our village, because they diminish the experience of living here in order to market our Green Belt for development.

Spending time at the pub, sending your children to nursery here, walk your dog for miles, pick up your paper at the shop, volunteer at the pop up cafe, sledging down the big hill, planting flowers with the gardening group, experiencing the delight when the signs go up for the strawberry farm each year, golf outings, virtual pub quizzes, knit and natter, looking after our neighbours, picnics in the park, in our celebrations and our grief and our shared milestones – Potterton has always been a community and we value it and take pride in it.

The best thing we hear and read?
“What can we do to help?”
“How can we fight it?”

This is a community and we can make our voices heard. Every individual can object to OP1, OP2 and the destruction of our Green Belt.

Please submit your responses to the Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan.
Planning Policy Team, Infrastructure Services, Aberdeenshire Council, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB.

Jim Gifford

Andrew Hassan

Karen Adam

Paul Johnston…/downl…/mir529.pdf (Main Issues Report with reference to the value of public consultation by CHAP on page 5.)

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