Transportation Note

Hi All, sharing the Transportation Note (It’s a type of traffic report – and the only one completed at the moment) it was completed by RPS Ltd on behalf of Barratts. Couple of points to note for now and I’ll share some more later!

  1. Potterton has an average of 1.7 cars per household
  2. Based on that assumption, it would be an additional 396+ cars
  3. They consider no impact on the village from the increased traffic, as its at the other side!
  4. They consider no impact to the community from Construction Traffic.
  5. In the Conclusions – Potterton has a “Frequent” Bus service (frequent is less than 15 mins as stipulated in the Local Bus Service Policy) this needs to be corrected in this report! What we have is a Timetabled service.
  6. There are no constraints/issues or bottlenecks on the existing roads or on route out to the AWPR!

I’ll post a map up shortly to show the suggested exits both sides of the development, or you’ll find them within this Report on the site map.

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