Green Belt in Issues and Actions

In the recommendations (Issues and Actions Papers relating to Issue 7 – Shaping Development in the Countryside), Policy R1 Special Rural Areas; states that only very minor changes to the Green Belt boundary are to be made to account for any new allocations arising from Settlement Issues and Actions papers, where required. 

Under Green Belt Boundary within the document:
“Comments made in respect of the green belt boundary should be considered at such time as a review is undertaken. It is recommended that only very minor changes to the green belt boundary should be made ahead of publication of the Proposed LDP to account for any recommendations arising from Issues and Actions papers related to settlements that require amendment to settlement boundaries to be made. Commitment should be given to reviewing the green belt in 2022 to inform a mid-term review of the LDP. The review would include public consultation utilising a range of engagement tools to ensure those with an interest can fully participate in the review.”

For the residents of Potterton, this is NOT a very minor change.  It’s not within the spirit of the above recommendation to continue with the proposed sites.  However, they have been included in the Proposed Local Development Plan!–actions–policies-and-introduction.pdf

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