Key Points on Roads

The road which leads from Potterton to Milton of Potterton is a C class road. At the Milton of Potterton junction it joins another C class road which runs from Belhelvie to the AWPR roundabout at Blackdog. The proposed developments would have access points onto both of these C class roads.

It would be absolute folly to allow a development of 230+ houses to go ahead bringing further cars onto these roads, which are already completely unsuitable for the current volume and type of traffic.

1) There is an error in the Local Development Plan – the road between Belhelvie and the Blackdog roundabout is wrongly identified as the B977. (The B977 runs from Dyce, through Parkhill and Belhelvie to end at Balmedie). This is not a B road it is a lesser C road.

2) Since the opening of the AWPR, these roads have both experienced a significant increase in traffic. The nature of the traffic has also changed with many more heavy vehicles using the roads.

3) These roads were not designed for today’s volume of traffic or for huge heavy goods vehicles.

4) As well as several pinch points where the roads narrow, there is also a particularly nasty blind summit on the Potterton to Milton of Potterton road. Between Milton of Potterton and the Blackdog roundabout there are several tight bends to negotiate on a narrow stretch of road.

5) Given the narrow nature of the roads, vehicles often have to encroach onto the verge to pass oncoming traffic. This has resulted in the verges becoming significantly eroded leaving gaps as large as one metre in parts between the tarmac and the verge.

6) Walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders (adults and children) all use these roads regularly. Given the increased volume of traffic and the erosion of the verge, using these roads is becoming increasingly risky for these users.

7) As well as heavy goods vehicles, the 291 bus also uses these roads on an hourly basis. At the pinch points where the road narrows, there are often standoffs between drivers about who should reverse their vehicle to a wider section of road. Imagine the chaos if hundreds of cars are introduced to our village!

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