Drainage / Sewage


Did you know that the area surrounding Potterton and particularly to the east towards Potterton Burn has a very high water table with a number of natural water springs and steeply inclined fields surrounding the road – the proposed housing development would be built on a floodplain.

The first photo of the road junction shows the incline of the road. This junction floods in periods of heavy rain because the drains struggle to cope with the runoff of water from the fields onto the road.

The second picture shows the road drain outlet into Potterton Burn from this junction – at times of heavy rain this outlet is at full capacity.

The third picture shows Potterton Burn where the runoff from the drains is taken away to the sea.

With the fourth picture showing the original water treatment plant outlet into Potterton Burn. This was a major factor in limiting the size of development in Potterton. The capacity of this plant limited the number of houses that could be built in Potterton.

The fifth picture shows the upgraded water treatment plant for Potterton. It was designed to allow for selected small development in the village. Gourdiepark, Old Croft Place and the two houses in front of the Stead Inn could be built because of this installation.

Last week when we had a couple of days of heavy rain, Potterton Burn was heavily contaminated. SEPA were informed, they investigated and contacted Scottish Water.

The source of contamination was thought to be the sewage pumping station – blocked pump filters due to lack of maintenance i.e. not cleaning the filters frequently enough. This is not a one-off event – it has happened on a number of occasions.

Unofficially SEPA also admitted that the run off of water from the fields during heavy rain, the runoff of water from road drains, the high water table in Potterton, and the current number of houses in Potterton meant the Water Sewage Treatment Plant / Potterton Burn was overwhelmed and could not cope with demand.

Potterton cannot cope with any more development – the sewage treatment system is at capacity. The environment will be contaminated by further expansion in Potterton.

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