Road Infrastructure

The Class 1C Road infrastructure around Potterton was not designed to be used by Heavy Good Vehicles.

As a result of different planning applications in the area – there have been numerous road studies carried out, such as the Landfill Site at Wester Hatton, which insisted on modifications to the road junctions to restrict the passage of HGV’s.

The unsuitability of using these roads for HGV’s has been known about by Aberdeenshire Council for decades it is well documented!

HGV together with Farm Traffic over the last 30 years have increased in physical size so much so, they have to straddle the middle of the road to get sufficient clearance to pass and navigate bends.

We all have experience of being pressed into the verge as they pass at speed not to mention joggers and cyclists who are especially at risk by speeding road traffic and HGVs.

Removal of the road restriction that had been put in, by widening the entrance to the Class 1C Milton of Potterton Road at the AWPR – meant this road is now a favored route for HGV’s coming off the AWPR as their Sat Navs bring them this way.

This is the road infrastructure that construction traffic will use to bring materials to Potterton building sites: together with being the route for school buses (because there are not going to be any schools built in Potterton), the main artery for commuter traffic from the new houses, Farm traffic and the HGV bringing in supplies to the recently approved commercial outlets at the Stead Inn.

We must also mention the infamous ‘Phantom Bus ‘ the 291 which appears at random to some mystical schedule at speed passing our doors only to get stuck and blocked by the smallest of cars because the roads surrounding Potterton are single lane.

There are no pavements, no cycle paths, and no footpaths on these roads only verges that are being constantly eroded by HGV having to mount them to get past.

There are numerous blind crests, single lanes sections damaged surfaces, exposed drain covers and blind corners. There is considerable water run off at times of heavy rain with localized flooding at junctions for short periods whilst the drains try to catch up.

The proposed housing developments for Potterton see no issues with the existing road infrastructure!

Aberdeenshire Council have known for decades that there are major safety issues with the roads around Potterton.

They forget things, we need to remind them, keep them on track, let them know your views, our road safety depends on it!

Drone Footage Youtube – Truck Route

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