Change in Housing Allocations

What has changed to allow such a dramatic change to the housing allocations for Potterton? Further examination of the Local Development Plan (2017) reveal why sites in very similar locations to OP1 and OP2 were not brought forward before.

In Formartine Settlements within the Main Issues Report 2013, it was stated that Potterton is not suitable for housing allocation because of the infrastructure constraints. And that a development large enough to deliver all the infrastructure required would change the character of the place so much that this would outweigh any benefits of development.

Why is it justified to increase the number of homes here by 56% if there are still the same infrastructure constraints and large scale development can not provide enough benefit to the village?

(FM065/FM075 in the pictures were a variation of sites in similar locations to OP1 and OP2 – exact boundaries are shown on a map on the document. Potterton is on page 52-57.)

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