Very Heavy Rain

We had some very heavy rain yesterday in Potterton and because of the high water table and the run off from the fields – this was the impact on the drains after just 15 mins! Our drainage systems can’t cope with further development – this will exacerbate the issue.

  • Photo 1 is the road drain at the Milton of Potterton Junction at normal capacity.
  • Photo 2 is the same drain after 15 mins of heavy rain yesterday.
  • Photo 3 is the burn swelling (the road drain runs into the burn).
  • Photo 4 is a residents drain which was cleaned 2 weeks ago – blocked due to the water run off.
  • Photo 5 is the proposed development site – the basin area you see on the incline is actually swampy ground with water reeds due to water run off. The reeds have been cut recently but they’re coming back through quickly!

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