Vision Statements

We have been comparing the vision statements for Potterton in previous Local Development Plans to the proposed Local Development Plan. Earlier vision statements are more accurate in describing the settlement.

Potterton is not contemporary; it is typically rural. (Unfortunately it feels as though planners use the term “rural” in a dismissive way as though we all need pulled out of the dark ages, rather than choosing to appreciate all the benefits of living in a rural village.) All of Potterton’s boundaries are based on farms and the farmland belonging to them – Mill of Potterton, Gourdieburn, Butterywells, Home Farm, Gourdiepark, Plodhill, Middleton of Potterton, Laingseat. This supports the view that Potterton is a rural settlement, and the character of the settlement should be protected.

An objection relating to this could be:
The current vision for Potterton can be seen to show preference for speculative development, which is inappropriate in the settlement. I would like to see the Vision for Potterton amended to reflect previous development plans, in order to protect the character of the settlement.

Potterton is a small village set in gently rolling farmland and located in the Aberdeen Housing Market and the Aberdeen Green Belt. Potterton is out with the Aberdeen to Peterhead Strategic Growth Area.

The village is dominated by two large housing estates, one comprising wooden bungalows and the other simple mid 20th century bungalows. A small number of traditional granite style cottages are located along the Main Street, along with a traditional granite church and manse house. All housing is 1-1/2 story. The current settlement is surrounded by green belt, while a large protected area, including playing fields, is located within the settlement. The settlement has a limited number of services typical of a small community, including a pub, a community hall, a shop/Post Office, seasonal strawberry farm and business units located in the west of the settlement.

**edit** In your representations, in the modifications section ask them to remove the word “contemporary” from the Potterton vision.

They’ve used “contemporary” to suggest there isn’t historical significance in our village or lower story housing. The reason Potterton is all single 1 or 1 1/2 story is to do with the historical buildings around Potterton being single story type steadings – it is to help preserve the setting. In your reasoning for asking it to be removed – state Potterton and the surrounding area are all 1 and 1 1/2 story buildings and it doesn’t fit with the existing pattern/form and will destroy the character of the village.
Planning Policy Team, Infrastructure Service, Aberdeenshire Council, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB165GB

Snapshot 1: Vision for Potterton statement from a previous Local Development Plan
Snapshot 2: Vision for Potterton statement from currently discussed Proposed Local Development Plan

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