Barratts Brochure – Sewage Infrastructure

The Barratts brochure that was dropped in the pub and shop a few days ago, states that upgrades to existing sewage infrastructure will be required and delivered.

Through a Scottish Water Freedom of Information Act request we were able to confirm that there is no proposed project for additional capacity at Potterton. The Growth project is for Balmedie which Potterton would flow into (see Scottish Water Response and note on Potterton).

While Scottish Water did not feel they could be completely transparent about the status of the project, we can take some guidance on the note in the Balmedie Main Issues Report from SEPA, where they acknowledge that there is no firm date for the growth project. SEPA also stated all development should be restricted until “implementation” of the growth project – in Balmedie.

  • Picture 1: Extract from FOIA Scottish Water response
  • Picture 2: Extract from Balmedie Main Issues (SEPA)
  • Picture 3: Extract from Barratts Brochure

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