Less than 2 days to go!

Historically, there’s always been mention of new houses being built. Personally, I thought that if we didn’t voice our concerns this time then the village would gradually become swallowed up by mass development. I believe in progress and I believe that a community should be kept informed and there should be a transparency within all planning processes.

For Potterton, it could begin with OP1 and OP2 and then carry on, until the pockets of land in front of the church and behind Laingseat are filled and then the sprawl would carry on behind the wooden houses out to Plodhill. It is not without justification – this has been brought forward before and these were all bid sites during previous Main Issues Reports.

“H Foxen (Potterton Resident / BCC Member) voiced her concerns about the scale of the development, it could basically treble the size of the village, and the impact traffic and schooling.” (Belhelvie Community Council minutes of meeting held on 8th June)

Your thoughts may be, “But these houses aren’t going beside my house”. Let’s never say never on that.

Perhaps you had no plans to submit a representation, or fear you’ve run out of time to get your thoughts down. Please don’t be complacent, your voice is important and Aberdeenshire Council need to hear your thoughts on the future of our village.

(Attached photos include previous plans and visions for Potterton, one very much pre-internet. Many residents seem to have been unaware of the meeting, even in 2006 😂)

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