Community Views

Aberdeenshire Council are looking for opinions and views as they review roads policies, including speed limits and pedestrian crossings.

Please provide your views by completing the very short questionnaires using the links provided. Alternatively, fuller responses can be made by email to

There could be a roads policy issue specifically relating to our community in Potterton, which you wish to have reviewed by the Roads Policy team. Consultation is open until 2nd October.

Aberdeenshire Council is seeking the views of North east communities as part of a major review of its roads policy.

From September 2 until October 2, the public, community organisations and national bodies will have an opportunity to complete an online survey and share their views and comments on issues such as Speed Limits, Pedestrian Crossings, Street Trading and other occupation of the road.

Aberdeenshire Council is considering making 20mph the normal speed limit on minor roads in built-up areas and designated town centres while retaining 30mph or 40mph limits on a strategic network of routes. Within the consultation, residents will be asked to highlight their preferred approach to Speed Limits in these urban areas.

The full story can be read here:

The online survey and proposed policy documents can be accessed here:

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