The Housing Technical Consultation

Potterton we need your help!

When the Scottish Government was naming one of their latest consultations, they were hardly thinking of Click-bait. The title Housing technical consultation is not really designed to compel readers to click on the relevant link to find out more.

What it should have read was

Yikes! Four small changes that could change YOUR life!

or perhaps

You won’t believe it! Four ways to tackle the tricks of volume house builders.

These changes should have positive impacts and potentially reduce future destruction of Green Belt and other Greenfield sites through speculative housing developments like we’re experiencing in Potterton. Reducing opportunities for developers building where they want rather than on allocated sites.

The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland have produced a briefing note to help you respond which is attached.

The note gives a summary of the consultation and suggested short answers to the 5 consultation responses, which you can expand on, alter, or add to from your own experience if you wish.

It only took me a few mins to respond through a cut and paste of the suggested short answers.

Let the Scottish Government know of YOUR support to put these changes through! It’s especially important for us in Potterton given our circumstances of speculative housing development on Greenbelt.

I’ll also post the consultation link and 5 suggested short answers in a separate post for ease of responding or you can simply respond via the attached note.

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