Squirrel Sightings

The Green Belt encompassing not just our community, but around the wider city of Aberdeen has many important roles. One critical role is making space for nature through permeability of the surrounding landscape for the movement of wildlife, creating corridors of connecting habitat.

We are also lucky to have areas of natural woodland where biodiversity has been protected, which is important in helping wildlife thrive!

We thought it would be wonderful to share some pictures we’ve been sent of Red Squirrels; which are now being seen in many gardens around Potterton. It’s really encouraging to see them thriving around the village! They are being seen in large numbers, in various shades of red and different sizes – they are beautiful and I’m told that they are partial to a hazelnut

You can record sightings, to help keep track of red squirrel numbers at:

Photo credit: Thank you to Mike for these photos! Please keep sharing! They are mesmerising to watch – full of character.


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