Reaction to Aberdeenshire Council Meeting

Folks, Cllr Andrew Hassan has provided the link and relevant timing to yesterdays full council meeting, where Elected Members (Cllrs) were asked to – Agree that in the absence of new and/or significant issues being identified through the Proposed LDP Public Consultation, no significant modifications to the Plan are required. All 4 of our ElectedContinue reading “Reaction to Aberdeenshire Council Meeting”

Full Council Meeting: LDP Agenda Item

Cllr Andrew Hassan has been kind enough to provide a link to the meeting on Thursday, where the Head of Planning will address the item of the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (agenda item 8). The meeting on Thursday can be viewed online by the link at “Item 0” here:… This is an all-day meetingContinue reading “Full Council Meeting: LDP Agenda Item”

Squirrel Sightings

The Green Belt encompassing not just our community, but around the wider city of Aberdeen has many important roles. One critical role is making space for nature through permeability of the surrounding landscape for the movement of wildlife, creating corridors of connecting habitat. We are also lucky to have areas of natural woodland where biodiversityContinue reading “Squirrel Sightings”

Statutory Notices

Sharing a copy of the statutory notice placed in the Press and Journal upon publication of the Main Issues Report in January 2019. The notice was placed on the 14th January 2019. The public drop in event we noted in our previous post held in “Balmedie” is referenced under “settlement/venue”, which the council recently confirmedContinue reading “Statutory Notices”

ScotGov Consultation: Bus Travel

The Scottish Government have a consultation open on free bus travel for people under the age of 19. (It’s only open till Monday 7th.) It’s quite a quick survey to gather your views, but this seems a beneficial one for residents to comment on, as it could have a really positive impact on young peopleContinue reading “ScotGov Consultation: Bus Travel”

Main Issues Report Representation

This is a bit wordy (apologies!) but we wanted to share some key information regarding critical Community Engagement that should’ve taken place between Jan-Mar 2019, including information received from Aberdeenshire Council on the matter. As a community, Potterton should’ve been engaged to participate in public consultation of the proposed bid sites (OP1 and OP2) betweenContinue reading “Main Issues Report Representation”