Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021 Newsletter (August 2020)

Aberdeenshire Council: “We received over 1000 representations. We are still cataloguing these so we will have a definite figure in our September newsletter. Nonetheless, this figure is more than what we received for the Proposed LDP 2015. We aim to formally acknowledge all representations before the end of August 2020.” https://sway.office.com/WxQpYtmATUot9kWg

The APRS (The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland) Green Belt Alliance

Hi Folks, we wanted to let you know that “Keep Potterton Green” is now an official member of the APRS (The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland) Green Belt Alliance. We will be working with APRS Greenbelt Alliance and other like minded groups to continue to advocate for stronger protection of the 11 GreenContinue reading “The APRS (The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland) Green Belt Alliance”

What happens next?

We have had a few questions of: “What happens next?” Please find attached the link for the Local Development Plan Scheme 2020. In it, there are details of the Stages of Plan Production, helpfully as a timeline. All the representations sent by consultees/residents/developers across Aberdeenshire are to be examined as part of public inquiry byContinue reading “What happens next?”

3, 2, 1… And we’re done!

Thank you to everyone who made a submission to Aberdeenshire Council. From this point on, we shall all keep our fingers crossed for a positive outcome. Thank you to Hilary Foxen for fighting our corner on Belhelvie Community Council. Hilary has tried to convey the wide range of concerns from residents in Potterton. She isContinue reading “3, 2, 1… And we’re done!”

Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) Representation

Folks, I’m* delighted *to share the attached representation which I received a copy of earlier tonight. The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) have decided on this occasion to respond to the proposed LDP in Potterton and request not only for the Greenbelt to be reinstated but to request that they seriously considerContinue reading “Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) Representation”

Less than 2 days to go!

Historically, there’s always been mention of new houses being built. Personally, I thought that if we didn’t voice our concerns this time then the village would gradually become swallowed up by mass development. I believe in progress and I believe that a community should be kept informed and there should be a transparency within allContinue reading “Less than 2 days to go!”

Barratts Brochure – Sewage Infrastructure

The Barratts brochure that was dropped in the pub and shop a few days ago, states that upgrades to existing sewage infrastructure will be required and delivered. Through a Scottish Water Freedom of Information Act request we were able to confirm that there is no proposed project for additional capacity at Potterton. The Growth projectContinue reading “Barratts Brochure – Sewage Infrastructure”