School Roll Forecasts

For your representations to the Proposed Local Development Plan – school roll forecasts based on the 2019 Land Audit show capacity at Balmedie Primary will reach 118% by 2024 There is no provision for a school in the PLDP.“All residential development may be required to contribute towards additional primary school capacity.” (Page 477)…/a…/school-roll-forecasts/

Bid Site Map – Sites Currently “Reserved”

Bid site map below showing all sites currently with “Reserved” Status for housing. If we allow the first development to proceed without objection, then more will follow. There is no provision for increased amenities within the village. Reserved – Site FR140 – 117 homes. (in current LPD 0-5yrs) Reserved – Site FR141a – 55 homesContinue reading “Bid Site Map – Sites Currently “Reserved””

Belhelvie Community Council Meetings

I hope everyone is finding this page a useful place to share/discuss information on the Proposed Local Development Plan. It would’ve been ideal if we could have come together in person to discuss concerns or raise questions, but that’s simply not possible right now. One of our community members has posted a link earlier toContinue reading “Belhelvie Community Council Meetings”

Final Issues and Actions Report 2019

Sharing extract from Final Issues and Actions Report 2019 for “Bid Site” FR037 – Link below Page 83. FR037A – Opposite Church FR037B – Opposite Gourdie Park Respondents comments: – 486/553 is Stewart Milne Homes 315 is Belhelvie Community Council Bid FR037 It is considered that this site should be formally identified as Strategic ReserveContinue reading “Final Issues and Actions Report 2019”

Contact Information Please submit your responses to the Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2020 before 31st July 2020. Jim Gifford – Hassan – Adam – Johnston – Gillian Martin MSP – gillian.martin.msp@parliament.scotUnit 6, Colpy Business ParkOldmeldrumAberdeenshireAB51 0FU Planning Policy Team – ServicesAberdeenshire CouncilWoodhill HouseWestburn RoadAberdeenAB16 5GB **Link to the response form.**Continue reading “Contact Information”

Housing Land Supply

One of our community members has done some great work on the Housing Land Supply and nicely summarized it below. Great reading! The Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan sets out the housing requirement for each Housing Market Area. Potterton, as part of Formartine, is part of Aberdeenshire, which is part of the AberdeenContinue reading “Housing Land Supply”

Ongoing Concerns on Education Provision

In the minutes provided by Belhelvie Community Council for 21st October 2019, under the planning section: “The BCC highlighted their concerns that ongoing development is having on schools in area.” Following on 18th November 2019:“BCC will also report to Elaine Brown that in the initial plans there was a provision of a primary school andContinue reading “Ongoing Concerns on Education Provision”

Final Issues and Actions Report

Sharing a statement from the Final Issues and Actions Report in regards to Education. The Final Issues and Actions report is attached and can be found at the below link. Potterton is Page 83.–actions–formartine.pdf “The Draft Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) does not propose to include a specific allocation for a school. Aberdeenshire Council’sContinue reading “Final Issues and Actions Report”

Green Spaces… The Benefits

More than ever, the community appreciates all our green space. It is worthwhile to note in our objections that the current green space should be kept as Green Belt allocation in the Local Development Plan as our green spaces have been invaluable to our community during the pandemic and we wish to see them protectedContinue reading “Green Spaces… The Benefits”